miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Mad World

Esto es una entrada antigua que me gusta bastante---->KLik Here

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces, Bright and early for their daily races, going nowhere going nowhere, their tears are filling up their glasses, no expresion, no expresion. Hide my head I wanna drow my sorrow. No tomorrow no tomorrow, And I find it kind of funy, i find it kind of sad, the dreams in wich I'm dying are the best I ever had, I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take, When people run in circle it's a very very (mad world)

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Gustavo Porras dijo...

¡Un blog muy interesante! Lo visitaré con frecuencia.

Un saludo,


El Elfo Oskuro dijo...

Thnx a lot.